Images of friendship


Images are able to portray a lot about friendships. Sometimes, they are also able to show or say what friendship is about and what it really meant.
It doesn’t matter how long your friendship is, those in times of trouble a true friend will show up and help you instead of running away. You are not able to see a real friendship but able to feel it.
The meaning of “friend” defines as Field of love, Root of joy, Island of god, End of sorrow, Name of hope, Door of understanding. A friend is the one who can go through problems with you and listen to your sorrows. Through a friendship, both parties will understand each other more.
In life, we might meet a lot of different friends, but only a few will be willing to stay with us and maintain the friendship. Most friends are maybe those “hi-bye” friends or maybe temporary.
Sharing is a part of friendship. We all trust our best friends. Hence, we share our dreams, thoughts, hopes, laughter etc. A true friend will still wait for you and never forgets you even if you are somewhere far away.
No matter how seldom you see your good friend, you will know where they are and how they are doing. Sometimes in life, things may not go according to what we plan. Therefore, we can’t stick with our friends forever. But a good friend will still stay in touch no matter how far you are.
Lastly, friends are part of your life too. They are also a helping hand, so we should treasure our friendship as it is precious.


7 thoughts on “Images of friendship

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  2. I enjoyed the friendship quote video because they were very meaningful. As a fan of photography, I really like the post. Overall, a good entry.

  3. Amanda Ang:
    I like that your fonts in the blog are big and clear. It matches well with the theme of the background 🙂 I also agree that “in times of trouble a true friend will show up and help you instead of running away” because the saying goes “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. I also liked your definition of friends as it is very meaningful. The definition is from your own point of view and it is what you think a friend is. Thus it is unique and special. Lastly, your video provided a lot of friendship quotes. One quote I liked most in the video is “Friendship isn’t a big thing; it’s a million of little things” Friendship is built up of many small and uncountable memories. Nonetheless, these are the memories that we will remember forever and we can reminiscence them any now or then. 🙂

  4. i like the fact that their font was big enough to read and they have included colorful pictures and video to make the post seem more interesting. i also liked the fact that they used pictures to do most of the talking like the saying goes “a picture speaks a thousand words”.

  5. I like the pictures you chose for this post! Can see from the picture that the people are genuinely happy. This is how friendship should be! Happiness is meant to be spread! 🙂

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