Importance of friendship


Friendship is definitely one of the indispensable relationships of life. If I ask you, “Do u have friends”, I am sure you will never answer “NO!”. However, if I continue to ask why we need friend, lots of people will just answer briefly, because friends are important for us. Hence, I would like to share more about the importance of friend.

Firstly, and most importantly, friend can provide emotional support. As we growing up, we often feel that the family can not fully understand what we need emotionally. So, friends of our age will be the best people to help us as they understand our situation. For instance, if a boy breaks relationship with a girl, he may really need someone’s consolation. However, I am sure that the boy not willing to talk to his parents, unless the parents are really open-minded. At this moment, the boy will give a call to his friend immediately, and the friend can placate the boy well. Therefore, we can appreciate the importance of friendship clearly at this point.

Secondly, genuine friend can help us in our most troubled time by giving helping hands or even providing companionship. In the future, we become adult, we cannot always rely on family, but sometimes we really need the help from others. At this time, friends are the most powerful recourse that giving us helps. Frankly, I cannot survival if without the help of friend.

Furthermore, friends are the first people we practice our social interaction skills with. We need to train those abilities before we enter adulthood, so we can interact with our employer excellently. Friends not just help you when you are a student, but also in the future. Friends are essential for us!

No man is an island, so just make more friends to expand your social circle. And you will obtain great advantages from the friendship.

Also, here is a video on youtube, regarding the beauty of friendship, enjoy it !!!

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8 thoughts on “Importance of friendship

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  2. I agree with the post on the importance of friendship, which is why I believe we should all treasure it and not take it for granted. The video is very captivating and I enjoyed watching it.

  3. I love the quote “No man is an island, so just make more friends to expand your social circle.”
    And it’s entirely true. Do not keep everything to yourself, find a friend you can confide to. Make more friends but taking the initiative to make the first move. Awesome stuff! Well Done!

    Reno Pang

  4. Thank you for sharing, I now know more about the importance of friendship and will make more friends. 😀

  5. The post was a bit wordy, but after reading it, I feel like I really understand the importance of friendship and it’s benefits

  6. I totally agree ” no man is an island” , I am sure that the most successful people on earth has lots of friends and they trust them a lot.

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