Ways to Make New Friends

I understand that there are definitely people out there with lots of friends and people out there with little or no friends at all. Today the purpose of me writing this article is to teach the people out there to make friends or to make more friends! People can always read this article be it whether you have any trouble making friends or not! First of all my sources come from http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Friends !

1) Firstly spend more time around people socializing, this is because sitting alone, trapping yourself at home will not mean socializing. So what you can do would be to sit with a table with at least 2 people!

2) Secondly will be to join an organization or club with people who have common interest with you. This is because people with common interest get along with each other better. One does not have to physically attend an organization, with the technology now people can communicate and connect with each other through something called the internet and social networking sites.

i. Volunteering
ii. joining a sports team will also mean that you would get to meet and do recreational activities with new people. Teamwork would also mean that you will bond with your new friends!

Here are a few ways how to start making friends!:)

i. Be as friendly as you can to everyone!
ii. Don’t be afraid to speak up and introduce yourself to everyone!
iii. Always make sure to have a smile on your face and be friendly to everyone! Also have confidence in yourself!
iv. Nobody likes to be friends with someone who always keeps to him or herself! Remember to start a conversation too! Be it small or a big conversation it all counts!
v. Take the courage to stand up and ask your new friends to join you for a meal or over a cup of drink! However do not force or pressure someone to do something they refuse! They will end up walking away from you!

So the End of the story is that before starting to make new friends you will have to open up to people! After which you follow those tips at the top and you will definitely have tons of friends! So much that you will miss being alone!


5 thoughts on “Ways to Make New Friends

  1. I didn’t really read the entire thing but i’ve watched the video. Awesome! The video was simple, easy to understand and straight to the point.

    Reno Pang

  2. Although the points on advising how to make friends is good, it was rather uninteresting to read a whole chunk of words. Would suggest to put it in point form. 🙂

  3. As an avid reader of blogs, I think you should summarize the whole chunk of words and make it fun to read because i believe readers will get bored after reading a little. I enjoyed watching the video because it teaches an introvert like me how to make friends, which I find it helpful. After reading this post, I can have the confidence to make new friends and hope it raise awareness for introverts to socialize more.

  4. i would prefer if the points were more spread out so it wont seem like a lot to read and i think they should summaries their points shorter so the post wont seem so long as well

  5. wow. The video is very clear and simple and I agree with you that we need to open up to people so that we can make friends.

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