Friends can make your life beautiful

I know what you are thinking right now! Feel like climbing up this huge Coca Cola machine with your friends to buy cokes, am I right? What’s more attractive? You just have to pay the price of one to get 2 two bottles of coke! The sad part is you might not know where it is and might not be available in your country.

This video makes my day. I personally think that it is a brilliant idea, trying to promote friendship as well as their product. I love the way how those friends help one another in order to get the coke, their smile is priceless. It shows that even the smallest of things can bring people together to share happiness.

It also means that no matter what you are doing, as long as you have a friend to accompany you, share joy with you, you will feel like you are in paradise. In life, everyone needs a friend. Don’t say you don’t need them. Life is not a bed of roses. One day you will meet a setback and they are the only ones who can help you, support you, cheer you up and solve your problems together. It’s way better than bottled up your feelings and suffer yourself. Gradually, you might go insane or suffer from depression.

It’s wonderful to have friends. They are always there for you, through thick and thin, up and down. Even when you have graduated, you will never forget those memories you had together with them.

I still remember those days we got chased out of the classrooms, playing paper planes in the classroom, talking non-stop, eating together, got scolded by teacher together, intended to study together few days before the examination but we ended up talking and so on and so forth. It’s the best time ever.

Friends can make your life beautiful. Friends can change you. Friends are terrific. That’s why friend is part of your life, without them, your life will not be completed.



Images of friendship


Images are able to portray a lot about friendships. Sometimes, they are also able to show or say what friendship is about and what it really meant.
It doesn’t matter how long your friendship is, those in times of trouble a true friend will show up and help you instead of running away. You are not able to see a real friendship but able to feel it.
The meaning of “friend” defines as Field of love, Root of joy, Island of god, End of sorrow, Name of hope, Door of understanding. A friend is the one who can go through problems with you and listen to your sorrows. Through a friendship, both parties will understand each other more.
In life, we might meet a lot of different friends, but only a few will be willing to stay with us and maintain the friendship. Most friends are maybe those “hi-bye” friends or maybe temporary.
Sharing is a part of friendship. We all trust our best friends. Hence, we share our dreams, thoughts, hopes, laughter etc. A true friend will still wait for you and never forgets you even if you are somewhere far away.
No matter how seldom you see your good friend, you will know where they are and how they are doing. Sometimes in life, things may not go according to what we plan. Therefore, we can’t stick with our friends forever. But a good friend will still stay in touch no matter how far you are.
Lastly, friends are part of your life too. They are also a helping hand, so we should treasure our friendship as it is precious.

Ways to Make New Friends

I understand that there are definitely people out there with lots of friends and people out there with little or no friends at all. Today the purpose of me writing this article is to teach the people out there to make friends or to make more friends! People can always read this article be it whether you have any trouble making friends or not! First of all my sources come from !

1) Firstly spend more time around people socializing, this is because sitting alone, trapping yourself at home will not mean socializing. So what you can do would be to sit with a table with at least 2 people!

2) Secondly will be to join an organization or club with people who have common interest with you. This is because people with common interest get along with each other better. One does not have to physically attend an organization, with the technology now people can communicate and connect with each other through something called the internet and social networking sites.

i. Volunteering
ii. joining a sports team will also mean that you would get to meet and do recreational activities with new people. Teamwork would also mean that you will bond with your new friends!

Here are a few ways how to start making friends!:)

i. Be as friendly as you can to everyone!
ii. Don’t be afraid to speak up and introduce yourself to everyone!
iii. Always make sure to have a smile on your face and be friendly to everyone! Also have confidence in yourself!
iv. Nobody likes to be friends with someone who always keeps to him or herself! Remember to start a conversation too! Be it small or a big conversation it all counts!
v. Take the courage to stand up and ask your new friends to join you for a meal or over a cup of drink! However do not force or pressure someone to do something they refuse! They will end up walking away from you!

So the End of the story is that before starting to make new friends you will have to open up to people! After which you follow those tips at the top and you will definitely have tons of friends! So much that you will miss being alone!

Importance of friendship


Friendship is definitely one of the indispensable relationships of life. If I ask you, “Do u have friends”, I am sure you will never answer “NO!”. However, if I continue to ask why we need friend, lots of people will just answer briefly, because friends are important for us. Hence, I would like to share more about the importance of friend.

Firstly, and most importantly, friend can provide emotional support. As we growing up, we often feel that the family can not fully understand what we need emotionally. So, friends of our age will be the best people to help us as they understand our situation. For instance, if a boy breaks relationship with a girl, he may really need someone’s consolation. However, I am sure that the boy not willing to talk to his parents, unless the parents are really open-minded. At this moment, the boy will give a call to his friend immediately, and the friend can placate the boy well. Therefore, we can appreciate the importance of friendship clearly at this point.

Secondly, genuine friend can help us in our most troubled time by giving helping hands or even providing companionship. In the future, we become adult, we cannot always rely on family, but sometimes we really need the help from others. At this time, friends are the most powerful recourse that giving us helps. Frankly, I cannot survival if without the help of friend.

Furthermore, friends are the first people we practice our social interaction skills with. We need to train those abilities before we enter adulthood, so we can interact with our employer excellently. Friends not just help you when you are a student, but also in the future. Friends are essential for us!

No man is an island, so just make more friends to expand your social circle. And you will obtain great advantages from the friendship.

Also, here is a video on youtube, regarding the beauty of friendship, enjoy it !!!

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What is friendship?

Did you know according to definitions from the, friendship is a person known well to another and regarded with liking, affection, and loyalty. Friends can also be befriended for some of their characteristics such as
1) Ability to be oneself
2) Compassion
3) Expressing one’s feelings
4) Honesty
5) Mutual understanding
Although there is no limit on what type of people can form a friendship, friends tend to share common backgrounds, occupations or even the same interests. The quality of friendship is important for a person’s well-being as high quality friendships have good ways of resolving conflict, ultimately leading to stronger and healthier relationships and engaging in activities with friends intensifies pleasure and happiness.
There are many kinds of friendships in this world but our main point of focus in in Asia. For example in Central Asia, male friendships tend to be reserved and respectful in nature. There is a use of nicknames and some, in the form of first names.
While in East Asia, friendship starts at a young age for that is respect. Both female and male friendships in East Asia start at a younger age and grow stronger through years of schooling and working together. Different people in East Asia have a close, tight knit, group of friends that they call their best friends.
Being someone’s best friend is considered an honor and privilege. In a Chinese context, there is a very strong believe towards maintaining and enhancing relationships. The relationship between friends holds a tight bond that is usually never broken until someone moves to another part of the county or is out of the country.
Friendship can also be classified under many categories.
1) Best friends
2) Blood brother or sister
3) Buddy
4) Comrade
5) Family friend
6) Mate
7) Pen pals. 1